When Daddy Got Jealous

Daddy had a couple of days off last week and this meant that instead of me hanging around the house on my own I've been busy trying to cram a million memories into a couple of days. What I didn't realise however was that Daddy was trying to get in on my act.

I know, I know. I've already admitted that Daddy makes a better me than me, but this was different. Daddy asked me where my fabric stash was. For a start, how does he know I have a fabric stash?! Then after selecting a suitable piece of fabric, he started work on a craft project, and one that seemed familiar to me...

Fabric Milkman's Wallet with Cash

He only went and made a much better milkman's wallet than the one I'd made!

Okay, so he did use my blog post in order to work out how to do it, but he also moaned that my instructions made no sense and it was a wonder that anyone ever read my blog with the number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (they're all there on purpose I swear).

I think it was because standing in the playground with me, made him realise how cool and hip I am.

Stop laughing.

I am cool and hip. I'm a role model don't you know!

See, what I think happened was that Daddy got jealous over how Top Ender's School friends swarmed to me. It's an unusual occurrence if I'm perfectly honest, and had only happened as Top Ender had taken one of the Milkman Wallets to School, and upon showing her School friends the magic powers that she had acquired along with this wallet they all wanted one and knew that I was the key to getting them one.

Still, Daddy's Milkman Wallet is currently sitting on the Fireplace with Big Boy's small fortune in it (he's saving up for Super Smash Bros for the Wii U, which we're guessing is out this November) and none of you must tell him that I'm quite jealous of this marvellous craft!

Oh and Daddy used the very lovely fabric glue that we were sent as part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network.

A Fabric Milkman's Wallet being made using Bostik's Sew Simple

Apparently he found the glue very useful.

Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network