It's been a while since I've posted about the Cats so I thought I'd post a collection of photographs I've taken of our troop of furry children over the last few weeks!

As you may remember, I have five cats. Yes, some think this is a lot and admittedly I do too at times, but we love them all.

The oldest cat, or at least the one I think of as oldest is Moses.

Moses giving me a dirty look

Moses is supposedly Daddy's Cat and he is getting old now.

I mean old man old.

He has taken to sitting on the Sofa and gives me dirty looks if I put the TV up too loud, dare to hoover whilst he is having a snooze or in this case if I try to take a photograph of him.

Our second oldest is Tabbitha.

Tabbitha hanging out on the Table whilst I ate lunch

We don't know out of her and her brother (Moses) who is oldest because they were abandoned and then rescued and adopted by us.

Tabbitha is also old and technically she is my cat. She's getting way too skinny and so I've been sneaking her extra food and she's been hanging out on my knee an awful lot... probably because she thanking me for the extra food!

Our third oldest is Willow.

Willow preventing anyone from going up stairs

Willow is Top Ender's cat. For quite a while Willow was nicknamed Bitch Cat because she was always bullying the other cats and to a certain extend people!

However, in recent months Willow has started being more loving. More friendly. More, I don't know appreciative of us humans. Don't get me wrong, she's still a bully when it comes to eating, pushing other cats off my knee and getting a comfy spot to sleep in but she's doing it from a loving place!

Next is Big Boy's cat Mario. Yes, so called because BB is a Gaming addict and Daddy wouldn't let him call him Creeper.

Mario hiding in a Blanket Fort

I don't like to use the word stupid lightly. 

Mario is stupid.

I mean seriously, this cat is the most loving and amazing cat and has learnt all sorts of tricks. He knows how to get your attention and he can open doors and he puts up with Top Ender putting hats on him and reading books to him and he sits with BB whilst he draws and plays on the consoles.

However he is stupid and everyone knows it.

Then there is the Family Cat.


I'm not really that sure why we got Peach. I mean Mario didn't really need a playmate, but we got him one anyway. Peach is a month younger than Mario and their Mums were Sisters and the owners believe that they have the same Dad... but they weren't really sure! 

Peach hanging out in her basket

We pretend they are siblings.

Peach is way smarter than her brother.

Way smarter.

Peach has also learnt a few tricks and will make Top Ender, BB and I follow her to whatever it is that has caused her issues. Like her ball going under a sofa or another cat being in her spot on the sofa.

Well, that's it for now about the cats. We love them all.

Oh and I thought I'd just leave this last picture here of Tabby photo bombing my picture of my cup of Tea!

Tabby photo bombing my picture of my cup of Tea!