What We Are Eating W/C 14th May 2016

This weeks menu was written in advance of the weekend, but for some reason with everything going on I didn't get round to actually writing this blog post until 9pm on Sunday night.

So, here is a quick meal plan for the week with not a lot of waffle.

Cheese Burgers!

Saturday - Cheese Burgers

As it is Big Boy's birthday this weekend, he decided the meals we were eating. He really wanted Cheese Burgers, mainly because at the moment it is his word to say when he has no other word to say.

It's actually really annoying but hey we got Cheese burgers out of it.

Sunday - Lasagne

BB, we said. You can have anything to eat on your Birthday, what would you like to eat?
Hmmm. Lasagne.
Okay. Sorted.

Meatless Monday - Vegetable Fingers and Pasta

"Mum?" said Top Ender "Can we please have vegetable fingers on Monday night for Meatless Monday?"
"No" I said

I was joking of course, so that's what we have tonight!

Tuesday - Toad in the Hole

I'm really not sure why I put this down, but I knew that Tops and BB would love it!

Wednesday - Chicken Sandwich

BB was asked if he would like to review a Bowling Party at Hollywood Bowl for his birthday, so he and a few mates are off there this evening.

I figured a quick Chicken Sandwich would keep them happy until the Cake and the rest of the treats get served!

Thursday - Something!

Okay, so in our house for some reason there is always one meal that doesn't get eaten or someone buys as a treat and so today we're going to either eat that treat or that one meal that hasn't already been eaten!

Friday - Fishy Pasta

You know how Daddy hates Fish Pie? Well, I'm using the Fish Pie mix to make Fishy Pasta.

I have a feeling he'll hate this more than Fish Pie.

So that's what we're eating, what are you eating this week?