What We Are Eating W/C 28th May 2016

Hello and welcome to yet another what Pippa fancies to eat this week and so makes everyone else eat blog post. Saying that this week seems to be meat heavy and that wasn't my influence, don't get me wrong, unlike Dan Jon Jr I like the texture of meat but I'm still a Veggie at heart...

Which leads me nicely on to the meal plan!

Saturday - Steak and Chips

We were supposed to be visiting a restaurant for a review this evening, but unfortunately the PR company had to cancel. So, I thought what could I feed the family that they would like and would make up for not going to a restaurant?

A Piece of Steak. What more can I say?

In the end I decided on Steak because apart from Dan Jon Jr the rest of us like it and it was what Flyfour was going to order at the restaurant anyway.

Sunday - Pork Loins and Roasties

Originally we were going to have Chicken and Salad today, but then I looked at the weather and decided that we should probably go with something a little more "stodgy" so Pork Loins with Apple Sauce and Cheese it is.

Flyfour will serve it with Roast Potatoes and some vegetables because we're like that on a Sunday afternoon!

Monday - Pizza

The great thing about a Meatless Monday is that if I say to Flyfour what would he like, he'll always answer Pizza. It isn't because it is the only thing he can think of that is veggie, but it's because it's the only think he can think of that he likes that is veggie!

Tuesday - Chicken and Salad

This was a Sunday afternoon option, but as I said when I saw the weather was supposed to be rainy I decided to go with something a little more comforting. Growing up this dish was a summer dish, my mum would send my sister or i to the local Chinese Take Away (A whole five minutes walk away) to order two egg fried rice and then we'd eat Roast Chicken and Salad with Rice.

I'm drooling at the memory here.

Anyway, I will hopefully be seeing my little brother for a little bit today, so I thought that I'd be in the mood for some memory food!

Wednesday - Fishy Pasta

I was thinking about doing a fish pie, but I figured that this was a bad choice because Flyfour doesn't like it and well, if I'm eating smaller portions I really don't want to be eating my portion and his. I decided in the end to make a Fishy Pasta dish again because I know that the Children will eat it and on top of that I do like them to have at least two portions of fish a week, even if i have to sneak it into them via lunch, snacks or breakfast!

Thursday - Fish Finger Sandwiches

With it being half term there isn't any after School clubs tonight and I'm a little disappointed. I mean, I've got so used to the Children having a Sandwich on a Thursday night with some other "bits" because that is all we really have time for that I maybe forgot to plan a meal for tonight...

Anyway, even thought they only had fish last night it's Fish finger Sandwiches for their meal tonight and if the rain can hold off long enough we might go and eat it in the local park just because we can.

Friday - Nothing

Yup, I have nothing planned.

Today is going to be the day that Dan Jon Jr, Top Ender and I don't get up.

We're going to stay in bed and watch TV and play on our tablets and consoles and phones and laptops and read books and draw and colour and just not do anything that involves getting dressed, answering the door or possibly even the phone.

I'm going to make up a few sandwiches and put some other goodies in the fridge, each item with a post it note on of how many carbs are in each pre measure portion and each of us when we feel the need will wander to the kitchen and help ourselves to what is on our shelf.

Maybe I'll make something in the Slow Cooker heavy on the protein for us to serve ourselves for our evening meal... I really have no clue but will work it out closer to Friday night!

So that is what we are eating this week, how about you?