What We Are Eating W/C 21st May 2016

With all the "life" that was going on this week, when it came to ordering my shopping (I like to order via Tesco, get them to pick my shopping and then I pick it up on the Saturday morning between 8am and 10am) I managed to work out a quick meal plan based on things we hadn't had for a while, things we fancied (and I'd picked up last weekend on the off chance!) and what we had in the cupboard!

PippaD and Flyfour being all lovely dovey!

So here is my very quick meal plan.

Saturday - Quorn Tacos

We really fancied Tacos. Well, I fancied them and made everyone else fancy them by telling them that we hadn't had them for a while and that they all wanted them too.

It worked.

Then I dropped the bombshell to Flyfour that we were eating meatless by using Quorn Mince. As it is Gluten Free, Flyfour is happy to eat it and to be honest, the Children didn't notice until after they'd finished their meal and I told them.

Anyway, it was lovely and we were all happy. Especially me because you know gluten free!

Sunday - Chicken on Potatoes thingy

A few weeks back I gave Daddy a few different Sunday meals to pick from and he picked one where you put slices of potatoes into a baking dish and add some onion and some spices and herbs and garlic and I'm sure something else. Oh and Chicken on top!


He made it and it was AMAZEBALLS.

So now this is the meal that he wants to make every Sunday, which is fine by me and the Children because it does taste great.

Meatless Monday - Pasta

Yeah, I know. Boring as heck, but the cupboard is full of Pasta and everyone loves Pasta in my house!

Tuesday - Fish cakes

I was planning on the Children having fish cakes this evening and I was going to do something else for Daddy, but we were in M&S the other day and they had some lovely Cod fish cakes (gluten free of course!) so we got some for Daddy too!

Wednesday - Sausages

Yummy, yummy. yummy. SAUSAGES!

Which are going to be served with Pasta and sweetcorn.

Thursday - Erm. Yeah. Food!

I'm really not sure what I'm serving for our meal tonight. All I know is that it has to be something light for Top Ender because she is having a cook out at Guides tonight and so will be eating twice.

I think that I'll give Tops a Sandwich and do something a bit more special for BB. I just don't know what yet!

Friday - Meal Out

We're possibly off to have a meal out tonight for a blog review, look out for pictures on Instagram!