Mr Frosty Is Back and He's AMAZING! #Review

When I was a small Child, I had a dummy that I was rather fond of and my Mum sat me down and told me that if I would give up my dummy she would buy me anything I wanted. I wanted a Mr Frosty so I gave up my dummy. The Mr Frosty was my pride and joy, even if I did eat too much syrup in one sitting and make myself sick. Unsurprisingly Mr Frosty has always been one of my favourite memories and so when we were asked if we'd like to review one, I was so excited and of course said yes.

Mr Frosty fresh from the box with all his accessories

I promised Dan Jon Jr that the first time I used it, he could use it too, as now that Mr Frosty no longer comes with the sugary syrup and that you can use your own choice of Fruit Juice or Cordials that I could perfectly count the carbs for Dan Jon Jr and I could make it as healthily as I wanted.

The first thing we did was Dan Jon Jr made some ice lollies and the ice shapes with the trays and moulds provided and eagerly waited for them to freeze before he could use Mr Frosty. The suggestion from me that he use some of the ice we have in the freezer, or from the ice maker on the door was met with a look of disgust.

Dan Jon Jr (aka Big Boy) and Mr Frosty. The two main men in my life.

Which was fine by me. It was a glorious day, we were busy making a quiche and so we waited. Luckily they are small ice cubes and it didn't take long and we were eventually sat out in the garden and Dan Jon Jr and I filmed a little Video review which you can see below!

As you can see, we loved the Mr Frosty and he is currently sitting in pride of place next to our Gumball machine and Sundae Bowls until we're ready to use him again!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr have used the Mr Frosty a couple of times together and they have both loved that it is so simple to use, it is so easy for them to use and most importantly it's a doddle for them to clean up after they have use it so it is ready for the next use!

Mr Frosty and his Penguin Pal

We were sent the Mr Frosty to review, all opinions however are my own.