How To Please Flyfour and A Trip To The National Gallery

My husband is a simple man. Flyfour doesn't require fancy meals and the like to be happy, no he'd be quite happy with a plate of Tortilla chips sprinkled with grated Cheese and blasted in the microwave as much as he would a Steak in some fancy restaurant somewhere. When he realised that I was going to the National Gallery on a School trip he had just one request for me. He requested that I find a painting by Turner and take a selfie with it if I could and publish it with a very particular comment.

"It always makes me feel a little melancholy. Grand old war ship, being ignominiously hauled away to scrap... The inevitability of time, don't you think? What do you see?"

So I found the painting, took a picture and sent it to Instagram and of course managed to take a terrible selfie with it and sent that to Flyfour too, along with the particular comment he was after too.

The Fighting Temeraire

Why? I hear you ask? Well, I wish I'd asked properly before I had undertaken this particular task. It was all because Flyfour wanted to re-enact a scene from Skyfall, (yes, the James Bond film) as he and Top Ender love it and have watched it multiple times and apparently it really doesn't take much to make Flyfour happy.

All he wanted to do was to reply

"A bloody big ship".

I mean seriously man. I'd take preparing a Steak over the Nachos any day if it meant I didn't have to re-enact Skyfall!

The rest of the trip to the National Gallery was a lot of fun. I mean yes, there were 90 7-9 year olds who were rather rambunctious on the coach trip down and back but were perfectly behaved whilst in the Gallery to the point where I had a lovely conversation with a French lady about how great it was that they were enjoying watching the children enjoy the art.

One of the best bits for me was when the lady who was guiding us around the Gallery to see specific paintings explained "The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Sons" by Pierre Mignard to us.

The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Sons

You see, this painting was painted roughly a year after the Marquise's husband had died. The painting by depicting her as Thetis and two of her sons as Achilles and Cupid was supposed to show how wealthy she is, how desirable she is, how powerful she is, how great a catch she is... this is her blinking Tinder profile! I'm not sure I would swipe right, but I do have a brilliant idea for some of my friends who are on the dating scene at the moment!

It was an amazing day at the Gallery and I can't wait to go back in the very near future.