What We Are Eating W/C 18th November 2017

I have decided that this week I'm not buying anything in the Supermarket, other than Cat food, a couple of bottles of drink, some fresh fruit and something for Christmas. This week we are going to eat from the supplies in our well-stocked Kitchen and hopefully, we have everything that we need because I'm not intending to go near a Supermarket again this week (well I'll take my Mum and drop Top Ender off, but they don't count!).

Next Customer Please at the Supermarket

I'm hoping that when I do go shopping at some point today that it will be one of those quick ten minute jobs, rather than one of those supposedly quick because I have a list that turns into a two-hour nightmare...

Saturday - Sandwiches

Tonight we are off to perform the Panto, (Oh yes we are!) that we've been rehearsing and to watch the ones that other wards have been rehearsing for the last few weeks too. We're really excited and it has given me a lot of purpose to my days, as I've been sourcing costumes and making props and trying to memorise the entire Panto (which is a lot easier when you've written the thing!) as well as getting my husband to help with the sound effects and to be honest I just hope that tonight it all goes without a hitch.

I'm going to take a packed lunch style supper for us to much on this evening, we need to be up at the Stake Centre a bit earlier to ensure that we have everything ready for the rest of the cast and to do their make up etc.

Sunday - Roast

Flyfour loves making a Roast and we love eating it. Flyfour has a new stuffing recipe which he is trying to perfect, so I'm looking forward to this latest version of the stuffing as each week it just gets tastier!

Monday - Gnocchi

I have a bag of what was Veggie Chilli that I blended into a sauce in the freezer, so I'll serve the two together to make a nice warm bowl of comfort food.

Tuesday - Soup

It'll either be Tomato or Chicken Soup tonight and I'm thinking I might attempt to make some bread, but really it'll probably be a slice or two from the loaf I got at the weekend!

Wednesday - Hot Dogs in Rolls

Well, I say hot dogs, but they will probably be sausages, but you know what I mean!

Thursday - Freezer Leftovers

I have a few single portions of leftovers in the Freezer so everyone can have something from that this evening. It'll also mean I have more space in my freezer, which will be useful, as at the moment I can't put anything else in it and I want to bake some Christmas Cookies!

Friday - Top Ender's Choice

Top Ender has an inset day today and so we're leaving the meal plan to her. She has a budget, she has access to the cookbooks and I'll be a sous chef for her.

So that's what we're planning on eating this week. How about you?