What We Are Eating 4th November 2017

Out meals are a bit boring this week, there are a few bits that I'm making fresh that will keep me amused, but nothing too strenuous as I'm still banned from using the sharp knives unsupervised after managing to slice into my finger with a butter knife last Sunday!

A Yummy Roast Dinner

Saturday - Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Cheese

I love Flyfour. I asked him what he wanted for his meal on Saturday and without thinking twice he said he fancied Pork Chops, just as I was typing the exact same answer!We normally have it with Mash that Flyfour flavours using our herbs and spices and I'm going to ask him to serve it with Green Beans, as I think they are a "classy" veg and will make the meal a bit of a treat.

Sunday - Roast with the Missionaries

We have invited the Missionaries to come eat with us this evening, we'll have a giggle together (We always do) and then we'll have a short spiritual message with the Missionaries before they depart our home, leaving the dishwasher with the strain of clearing up after us.

Monday - Waffles and Beans

Plain old Waffles and Beans. I don't know what else to say other than I buy the potato waffles and I might add some cheese to the beans.

Tuesday - Puff Pastry Slice/Leftovers/Feed yourself Flyfour

I'm not sure what I will make flavour wise, I might go classic with something like Chicken and Sweetcorn or Chicken and Mushroom, or I might go with Sausage and Beans as that is what the children like to eat!

I'll have leftovers (there is always a plate or bowl of something in the fridge and Flyfour will have to feed himself as I'm off to a Panto rehearsal this evening.

PippaD acting silly

Oh, yes I am.

Wednesday - Fish Cakes

We really enjoyed these last week, so they have made the list again this week.

Thursday - Puff Pastry Slice or Gluten Free Quiche

I know that on Tuesday I will have made four so the children can have them again tonight. I'll have a gluten-free puff pastry type Quiche thing with Flyfour tonight.

Friday- Pasta

Dan Jon is performing tonight in Richard III and as we're all going to be in the audience, we figured it would be best to give him a higher carb meal to try to make it easier on the staff who will be backstage. The last thing we want is for Dan Jon to go low just before he has to go on stage or whilst he is on stage!