My New Kitchen

Finally, it's finished. Finally, I can show you pictures of my amazing Kitchen, but before I do, I have to tell you how we got here and show you some pictures of what we were living with before...

Old Kitchen Wasn't my Style

Out kitchen was fine. Seriously it was, Sure, it wasn't my choice or style, but it worked. We had spaces for food and our plates and pots and pans. Yes, the wall cupboards were slightly too small for our plates and the worktop was starting to warp a bit from a leak, the tap leaked, I'd cut the worktop a bit weird when we had the fridge put in and well, it just wasn't set up for how we use the Kitchen.

When we planned the Kitchen with the Ikea Designer, I hadn't really thought about how we used the kitchen, but they were lovely and talked us through the process and pretty soon we had a kitchen that we were pleased with. We decided to go with the fitters that Ikea recommended and after the initial walk through with the fitter, all I had to do was pack up my kitchen. Oh and buy my flooring and wall tiles. And a new oven. And an extractor. Normal kitchen refit things!

By the time the Kitchen refit started, the family and I were super ready for it. At least we thought we were. Living through the kitchen refit? Oh my gosh, it was even worse than when we didn't have a bathroom! Actually, that isn't true. I'd rather not have an oven than a toilet any day of the week.

A ripped out Kitchen

You know what though, it was okay. However maybe it is like labour and once you have your new baby in your arms, (or in this case your new kitchen all clean and sparkly) you forget about all the pain and hassle and just focus on the perfectness that is bundled in front of you.

I'm sure now, however, that you have waited long enough and here is my beautiful Kitchen!

PippaD's New Ikea Fitted Kitchen

Flyfour and I picked a grey door for our units, with chrome T Bar Handles. We had similar handles in a previous kitchen and so far I've only injured myself once by thwacking my head on the handles and have learnt to tie my apron a bit tighter than I used to, to stop myself being caught on the horizontal ones...

T-Bar Handles on a Grey Kitchen

I think I am in love with my black flecked worktops.

Grey Kitchen Tiles and Cabinets with Black Flecked Worktops

The worktops are something we have long loved, as we had it in a kitchen we used to own and loved it! I did want a sparkly one, but I'm glad that we didn't as I think it might have stopped this whole grown-up thing we've got going on.

Apparently grey is a good colour to choose for a kitchen because as well as being a classic colour it is also linked to luxury and will mean that the kitchen is tranquil, warm and gives you a sense of relaxation too.

A Kitchen Window view to be proud of

Now, we might see as if we had no ideas because we also picked a grey wooden effect flooring. We wanted it to tone in, but by going with a lighter colour grey than the unit colour we had picked, we hoped that it would keep the kitchen looking bright and also wouldn't show up all our cat footprints too. It was from Wickes and according to the fitter, very easy to put down.

Light reflecting grey kitchen flooring

And we picked grey wall tiles with bright white grout too. The wall tiles that we ended picking actually have a shade variance in each pack, if you look you can see there are four or five different shades which mix together and give the kitchen some depth and wonderful reflections. We've caught rainbows dancing across the walls and honestly it's wonderful finding out all these new and different things about our kitchen.

Grey Tonal Colour Variance in Kitchen Wall Tiles from Wickes

We have kept our original Butchers table and Kettle and Toaster for now. The plan is to make our out Butchers Table in the future so it can be the exact size we want, and we're after an electric blue kettle and Toaster if anyone sees something suitable!

White Kitchen Appliances in Grey Kitchen

We were encouraged to buy new white goods as they would stick out in our Grey kitchen, but I don't think they do and in the future, we might buy new ones that match... but that isn't our plan just yet! We did get a new cooker and extractor, both of which are our pride and joy and have been cleaned more in their short time with us than probably we ever cleaned the old green cooker and extractor in the many years we had them.

Stainless Steel Appliances in Grey Kitchen

I'm not sure when this honeymoon period of cleaning will run out, but until it does long live the cleaning and long may it last! Linked to this and possibly the best appliance part of our kitchen is the dishwasher. I wasn't sure we would use it, but oh my gosh the thing is amazing.

So, there you go our beautiful new kitchen! What do you think?