What We Are Eating W/C 25th November 2017

This week has come round so fast! I can't believe it! Well, here is what is happening this week in both meal plans and daily activities. Let me know what you are up to this week in the comments!

Family is as Family does!

Saturday - Eating Out

We are off on a family outing today. We are going to Waddesdon Manor and the plan is that we are going to buy secret Santa gifts for each other and of course view and smell the wonders of a Christmas market and Christmas lights around a beautiful Manor.

I'm not quite sure what we will be eating, as I'm not sure if we'll be eating at one of the many stalls that are at the market, but I do know that as Zanni is there with their FANTASTIC doughnuts, I'm gonna be excited!

Sunday - Roast

I've suggested to Flyfour that we have something slightly special this weekend and something that is slightly Christmas themed and have suggested a Roast Ham. I'm not sure if he'll go for it, but if he does then Wahoo! I'm going to be happy.

Monday - Tuna Stuffed Peppers

I'm actually off out on a School Trip today but not with Dan Jon Jr! I'm looking forward to it because I do love the children at the school that I am a Governor at and I'm so pleased that I've been asked to accompany them.

We're having a simple meal tonight, I figure after a day of hanging out with children I'm going to need an evening where I don't need to think! Stuffing a pepper chopped in half with tuna, cheese and a bit of Spring onion and tomato puree is the best!

Tuesday - Chicken Casserole

It's a really simple chicken casserole that I'm doing tonight as I wanted to do a Carb Free meal for Dan Jon Jr, I'll probably give my Mum a portion too, as she loves a Casserole and she loves a carb free meal too.

Wednesday - Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

My Mum gave me and the family an early Christmas gift this year, a photo shoot with a family photographer. We are off to have our session this evening and can't wait to see what images the photographer comes up with.

I'm sure we'll get a great family photograph (which is what my Mum is after!) and have a blast together... who knows it might even become a family Christmas tradition.

Thursday - Odds and Ends found in the Freezer

I'm wanting to empty the freezer and I figured that this was a good way to do it! I'm really not used to only having one freezer, and wish I had not got rid of both of the ones we had in the Garage. I know however that when our Garage plan comes to fruition I will be very pleased I did.

Friday - Eating out

Today is my Dad's funeral.

The plan is that we'll grab something between where his funeral is being held and our home, we don't know what or where just that as long as we are together we will be fine.