What We Are Eating W/C 11th November 2017

Yesterday, Flyfour and I quickly worked out what we were going to eat this coming week before going shopping. Flyfour had the day off so that we could ensure we were on time for Dan Jon's evening performance of Richard III and didn't have to worry about rush hour traffic messing everything up.

As I had been making props for Panto, DJ asked if I could make a warrant for his play... so I did!

Richard III Warrant

The evening was brilliant. Dan Jon and his classmates were amazing and I was so proud of them all. I've known them all for so long and have been on class trips with them, read with them, practised spellings and just hung out with them.

Anyway, this is what we decided upon!

Saturday - Nacho Bowls

When we went to Kidzania, we had a meal at Tortilla afterwards and we're hoping to recreate that this evening.

Tortilla Nacho Bowl

It's either this or the guys from Tortilla need to open a branch here in Milton Keynes, as I'm sure I'd eat there EVERYDAY, as would the children and Flyfour!

Sunday - Roast

Normally we don't eat Roasts when it gets close to Christmas because we want the Christmas Roast to be super special. This year, however, we're changing that and carrying on with our weekly roast. Why? Well, for two reasons. One, we love them and Two, we love them. Oh wait, that's just one reason.

Monday - Microwave Meals!

Tonight, I'm off to a Governor's meeting and I have a training session after too. This means that I'm leaving the children to fend for themselves until Flyfour gets home and allowing them the ease of having a microwavable meal to cook... and that's not just because I didn't want the children to make my oven dirty!

Tuesday - Soup and Toasties

It could be our last rehearsal for our Roadshow Panto tonight and so I'm rushing some food into the children so we can get to the Chapel quickly and get set up... mainly because I have a LOT of props here that I'd like to have ready and in place for the run through.

Wednesday - Carb Free

My Mum was told at her recent Diabetic appointment, that she'd have to have a carb free meal to check her basal rates are right etc and so I invited her over to eat with us tonight because Dan Jon can check his basal rates too and also I can ensure that my Mum doesn't cheat!

I'm going to make a big variety of food so nobody is hungry. Chicken, Sausages, Crustless Quiche, Tuna, Salad etc. My Mums going to hate me.

Thursday - Soup and Toasties

Yes again. Well, it will be for me, but I'm pretty sure that the children will fancy something like Sausage Rolls... actually I wonder if we could have those with Soup?

Friday - Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognese

They are practically the same, I'm just not sure which I'll be making until I actually start making it!