Are All Gardeners Sadistic Cultists?

As I was slaving away in the garden, weeding one of the raised beds on the lawn a curious thought popped into my head that gardeners are A a bit sadistic, B Part of some kind of Cult.

Start gardening Pippa, you'll enjoy it Pippa, you'll get out in the fresh air and get some exercise Pippa.
Join us Pippa.

Pippa D sitting in a raised bed  painting the woodwork

I've been working in the garden since the start of lockdown. Flyfour has helped a bit of course, but mainly it's been me on the days that I've not been at work. I've worked methodically, moving around the house and the garden enjoying the sunshine, music and the odd conversation with the neighbours.

I've painted the raised bed woodwork and weeded a little, whilst Flyfour washed and treated the deck.

I've weeded and cleared the drainage channel around the house and the side of the driveway.

Flyfour and I have filled beds with topsoil and bark chippings and I've weeded the beds.

I've sanded and painted a pallet to be a climber for the sweet peas and I've weeded.

I've cut back the spikey weed things that grow from next door and I've weeded.

I've staked Roses and moved plants from one bed to another and I've weeded.

I've trimmed back the ivy and I've weeded.

And today when I looked around the garden at what I've achieved all I could see was the fact that I needed to weed the driveway again. That two of the empty beds needed weeding again. That the ivy at the end of the garden was looking unkempt again. That the planters in the front garden needed new plants put into them.

And I was excited.

I was looking forward to working in the garden some more, to weed the beds and to dig holes and to weed the drive and to just be in the fresh air enjoying enforcing some order over my domain. 

I've become one of those sadistic, come join me cult-like gardeners haven't I?