The Small Things Are The Big Things

Before a recent Ward Council (held online) I had been asked to share the Spiritual Thought for the meeting and as usual, despite thinking on it for several hours, I had nothing to share. I bemoaned to Flyfour that I'd been asked and couldn't think of anything suitable to share. I didn't want to share banal platitudes, I didn't want to share a recent Spiritual experience I'd had as it was too personal and well, my recent Scripture readings hadn't given me any great insight into anything.

Or so I thought.

a drawing of Dan Jon Jr reading his Scriptures

I had a million thoughts going round my head though.

I was thinking about how I'd stayed late at school a few nights back to help a teacher who was helping a family who were having a rough time. It wasn't a conscious decision, I did it because I was needed.

I was thinking of the email I'd had from another staff member telling me how grateful they were to me for having done something for another student.

I was thinking of the lady who had asked me in the Supermarket if I'd reach something down for her but was panicking because she didn't want me to think she was getting too close.

I was thinking of the colleague who I gave a listening ear to so they could talk to someone about death

I was thinking of clapping each Thursday night for keyworkers and those who work for the NHS.

I was thinking of Top Ender baking gluten-free Brownies once a week.

I was thinking of my friend's daughter who goes on a litter pick walk once a day.

I was thinking of Flyfour cutting the grass verges on our street.

I was thinking of my friend's son who said he liked the flowers his Mum had picked and put on the Kitchen table.

I was thinking of all these little things. Small things that didn't add up to anything on their own, but when looked at in greater detail, it was these small things that made up everything and I realised I had been paying attention in my Scripture study, for I had read Alma 37 that morning and part of verse six had stuck out to me.

but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass;

 It's the small and simple things that are making a difference.

It's a phone call to a friend to say hi.

It's the like, or comment, you leave on a Facebook post.

It's a text message that you send.

It's going to the chemist for your neighbour.

It's the Instagram like you leave.

It's giving a smile to someone who looks like they're having a rough day.

It's cooking a meal for your family.

It's the small and simple things that we all do that make us all individually and collectively stronger.

The small things are the big things.