Main Meals W/C 23rd May 2020

It's almost the end of May, and I don't know about you but I feel that this month went very fast! I don't mind, as we've had some lovely weather (and I've been able to enjoy it as I've only been working part-time) and for us personally we've had a fair bit of celebration too, so it's always nice to have that to remember back on.

So what are we eating?!

My shopping list

Saturday - Nachos

Flyfour would probably eat this at every meal given half a chance. I'm a little less fond, but this is a family meal plan not just a What does Pippa fancy meal plan!

Sunday - Lamb Chops and Roast Potatoes 

I'm not saying anything but somebody forgot to get these out the freezer the other day and so had to make something else. Luckily I've already remembered and have put them in the fridge to defrost already for this week!

Monday - Fish Fingers with Mash and Peas

Dan Jon was very excited about this combo, I'm not sure why but hey if he eats he eats!

Tuesday - Sausage Sandwiches

Something quick and easy and blinking tasty!

Wednesday - Chicken Fajita Salad

What can I say, I really like a Salad and the rest of the family only eat it if it is covered in something they deem to be tasty. 

Thursday - No idea

I actually have no idea what we're going to eat tonight, Dan Jon has suggested Meatballs, so I've added them to my shopping list and hopefully, I'll be able to get the ingredients to make them or be able to buy some ready-made. Otherwise, we'll just have to eat something from the cupboard. Parsnip soup anyone?

Friday - Spicy Beef Bowls

This is more a Korean meal that I've stolen from the internet and made into a rice bowl meal. I love it and the family will just get used to it!