What We Are Eating W/C 9th May 2020

I may have accidentally written this menu plan, whilst watching half a season of Community on Netflix. Okay, so it wasn't an accident, but it did mean that this blog post took me AGES to write and I may have been laughing like a drain the entire time and also I'm not sure what meals I planned so I'm just hoping that I've written the extra ingredients down on my Whatsapp notes properly or I've got some surprises this week when I do try to make the meals we have planned!

PIppaD being her usual non normal self!

Saturday - Burgers

The rest of the family are fans of burgers, so I thought we'd have some fun tonight and have burgers that we customise to how we like. Sort of GBK style. We've done it before, but as I'm planning on drowning mine in mushrooms or maybe if I can actually get some portobello mushrooms having a mushroom burger, then I'll be super happy!

Sunday - Honey Mustard Chicken

It will probably be Flyfour that cooks this, he tends to cook on the weekend, so we'll have the chicken with mash potato and mixed veg. I think this might be the highlight of the week!

Monday - Fishcakes and Broccoli/Cauliflower Cheese

I was trying to think of something that we could have with Fishcakes that wasn't chips or wedges and decided that a Broccoli and Cauliflower cheese would be nice as a side, especially as I'd prefer salad buy my family aren't always keen on a plate of salad!

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday!

I was going to have Taco Tuesday tomorrow, which actually would have been hilarious right? Anyway, as soon as Flyfour is home and showered we'll have Tacos. 

Wednesday - Garlic Steak Bites and Potatoes

I was thinking of cooking the beef chunks with bite-sized potato lumps in garlic butter and of course, I'll chuck in my usual onions and some peppers and serve with some salad and if the family are super lucky I might even attempt to make some fresh rolls. Gluten-free and everything!

Thursday - Sausage Pasta with Chunky Tomato Sauce

In my late teens, my two favourite foods were pasta and sausages (and chocolate, but that doesn't count!) and I'd eat them or a combination of the two for every meal I cooked for myself (apart from the time my parents and sister went to Scotland and I was working so couldn't go and every day after work I'd walk to our local Supermarket, buy cookies and an uncut fresh loaf of bread and eat them for my evening meal!) and it's still something that I just like to combine because they go so well!

Friday - McDonalds Breakfast Made At Home!

So, in our house the rule is that you pick what we have for our evening meal on your birthday. Dan Jon decided to pick McDonald's Breakfast, which is a downer because A: They are closed and B: we eat in the evening and McDonald's breakfast is only available in the morning. Luckily Flyfour and I are super at making Pancakes, Hashbrowns, Sausage Muffin things and porridge and bagels and whatever else is on the menu these days!

So, that is what we are eating this week. What about you?