Indulging In Life

During the week I spoke with a friend who had a few days off work and was planning an indulgent staycation. We ended up chatting about small things that people can do to make a few days off into something special, something to look forward to, to think back on fondly and to make the most of the space they are in.

We talked about putting clean sheets on the bed, and clearing off the nightstand and even the pile of clothing from the floor and just making the bedroom a sanctuary, somewhere to relax and be peaceful. We talked about lighting candles and favourite scents and even breaking out the "good" PJ's, you know the ones I mean! 

We talked about long luxurious baths and watching and rewatching favourite TV Shows and films and eating popcorn and snacks or maybe going to bed early and relaxing and reading until the small hours and then sleeping in the next morning until they were ready to get up.

We talked about eating ice cream before a meal, or maybe even instead of a meal!

Basically, she was just doing what she wanted when she wanted and I was a little jealous.

I realised of course that I was being ridiculous because all the things she was doing I could do too. I could change my bedsheets and wear my fancy PJ's, (Actually, I couldn't do that as I don't have any nice ones... putting those on my shopping list as a matter of urgency!), I could take a long shower, I could go to bed early.

I just don't do those things.

I decided, that I needed to indulge myself with the things I like to do, with things that make me feel a little more relaxed and as if I have as much time as I want.

The first thing you'll notice is that I'm blogging a little more frequently. I kinda really like blogging.

You may have noticed I'm on social media more because I like being on social media.

I'm playing video games each day, trying to improve my high scores!

I'm reading more, having purchased a subscription to read as many books and magazines on my device as my little brain can manage.

I'm drawing and painting.

I'm gardening, proper digging in the mud, pulling out weeds, talking to the plants gardening.

When we went to the supermarket last weekend, I purchased a few items just for me. My favourite drink, a sweet treat, savoury items, things that make me smile.

As I said the other day. It's the small things that make up the big things in life.