An Anniversary Day Out

Flyfour and I love going for a walk. Every night we try to go for a little walk around our neighbourhood and each weekend we try to go for one a little longer, so when Flyfour heard that Cold War Steve, a British collage artist and satirist, had an exhibition in Riverside Country Park, we decided we needed to go and see this exhibition and combine it with a walk as an early celebration of our wedding anniversary.

In usual AMR Fashion, we decided to combine the walk with two other events so that we'd have a little holiday in a day for the two of us, and well we didn't invite the children to come with us, not because we didn't want them to come, but Top Ender is still isolating and Dan Jon's favourite thing to do is not go for a walk!

Riverside Country Park

We had a really great morning walking around the Country Park, looking at the art (well there was one missing piece that had either been pinched or blown away in the strong winds) and enjoying each other's company, talking about everything and anything and we've decided in less blustery weather, we'll have to go back to share the park with the children as we're pretty sure they'd enjoy the views over the River Medway estuary.

Although maybe we'd go at high tide so there aren't these vast vistas of marshes dotted with puddles and boats and bits of unidentifiable things...

After we ate a picnic lunch, we decided to drive to Whitstable (instead of Canterbury).

PippaD at Whistable Beach

Again it was really windy, but we were determined to find somewhere that sold rock (you need to have rock if you're at the Seaside) but we decided that because we were planning on eating a very large evening meal at a restaurant that we should partake in the fresh oysters and other seafood that really was tempting us.

So we took a picture with a fisherman (yes I'm fully aware he isn't real), purchased some rock and had a nice walk through the town (where we found a ship that only stocks bed linen for single beds) before once more heading to our next destination.

PippaD and the Fisherman at WhitstableFlyfour and the Fisherman at Whitstable

Our last visit of the day was to our local Harvester for our meal out, where once more Flyfour and I sat together and giggled and chatted and talked about what we were going to talk about when he recorded a podcast episode with me (YAY!) and had a really lush meal together.

The entire day was the perfect way to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary, to celebrate us and our favourite things to do and to prepare ourselves for the next 19 years! I am so pleased that I'll get to spend them with my best friend and the love of my life.