What We Are Eating W/C 12th September 2020

It's been one of those weeks where it seemed like it was all going wrong, and then it didn't. Instead, it became awsome, it became the kind of week that we all dream about having, where surprises came and rewards were given and opportunities presented themselves and were there for the taking.

Look, it was a really good week and this week coming is going to be just as great.

Flowers and a Thank You card because who doesn't love Flowers and a Thank you?!

Saturday - Family Night

Whilst we were having our family Come Dine With Me, we said that we really needed to spend more time together as a family sitting at a table and just chatting and hanging out together. We decided that we would make sure to have a meal together each Saturday, something like one week we'd watch a movie, one week we'd have ready meals together, one week we'd watch a movie, one week we'd cook together and one week we'd eat somebody's favourite meal... well until our next challenge that is!

I just don't know what this weeks plan is yet.

Sunday - Roast

Flyfour is in charge again, so who knows what we'll have. Hopefully, it will involve roast potatoes and possibly even his dairy-free cauliflower cheese because man is that dish good!

Monday - Fish Finger Sandwiches and Chips

I love fish fingers and I love sandwiches and I love chips. Yeah, tonight will be great and tasty and I'm going to have two fish finger sandwiches because, well why not!

Tuesday - Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

If Flyfour isn't here tonight, then having a meal already prepared for us when we move in is going to be a lifesaver as the last thing I am going to want to do is cook, especially as I have a rather important day tomorrow and I want to spend as much time this evening preparing for tomorrow!

I'll serve the meal with rice and throw some veggies in with the rice to make it a little healthier.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes

We really enjoyed these last week like REALLY enjoyed these, so they've made it back on to the list. Luckily my two are happy with beans and a bit of tuna thrown on for good measure so I know what we'll be having this week too!

Thursday - Sausage Pasta Bake

Two of my favourite foods combined. I guess if we threw in some mushrooms it might be a perfect meal for me... but not for Tops! Well, there won't be mushrooms, but there will be sausages and pasta so it's not a total loss!

Friday - Meatloaf and Mash

I really want this right now actually. Darn it, why can't I have Meatloaf at 7am in the morning? I guess I could but my family might think it a bit weird... well until they ate a bit anyway and then they'd be happy and full of my meatloaf and I'd be sad and not full of meatloaf... there is a flaw in my plan here!

So what are you eating this week?