Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

When I got my job as a Receptionist, I was ecstatic.

I really mean it, I was so chuffed to be offered the position because I didn't think I was going to be able to find a job that would play to my strengths, I didn't know that I was going to be any good and I felt that I had tricked the people interviewing me into giving me the job because there was no way that I was actually qualified for doing the position... despite my oodles of experience as stated on my application form.

I'm sure the two, what I assume at least as I've never seen them, kickass letters of recommendation from the head at the Primary school I was a governor and volunteer at and my Bishop (because all the other companies I'd worked for in the past no longer existed or the people who knew me had moved on) wrote for me also helped.

Over the next few weeks and months, as I slowly learnt the job and my way of doing it I found out that I really enjoyed the job. I wasn't too bad at it and I could see myself doing it for several years.

In fact, that was my plan and then after several years, I might have applied for another job in the school, something supporting the staff a little more or in one of the other departments or even the Marketing Manager or a PA or something if I wanted to stretch out from being the Receptionist.

And then just a month before my official one year anniversary of working at the school a job vacancy was advertised.

Marketing Manager and PA to the Principal.

PippaD's not amused face

My first thoughts were this wasn't my timeline and my second thought was I could do that.

My closest work friends took me to one side and told me that they thought I should apply because I could do that. My family said I could do that. 

The only problem was, my head was saying that maybe I couldn't do it.

I mean, I tricked the school into hiring me once, what made me think I could pull that off again? I had a job that I loved, I had a job that played to my strengths and made me take a good look at my weaknesses. I thought about not applying for it again and again because I'm good at my job. I enjoy my job. Why would I apply for something else?

I wasn't going to apply.

What if... what if I did apply though? What if I applied and got an interview? What if I applied, got an interview and was successful? What if I got the job? What if I got the job and was good at the job? What if this job also played to my strengths and made me work on my weaknesses?

So I applied and to cut an already long story short, I got the job.