Two Weeks Isolation

We knew it would happen to us eventually.

Flyfour and I had spoken about it at length. What would happen when I was the one who brought Covid into our home. I had assumed, that it would be me, as working in a school on the Reception desk, I come in contact with so many different people and students and teachers that it just seemed like a matter of time before the track and trace system alerted me to have been in contact with someone with Covid 19.

Only it wasn't me that was alerted, it was Top Ender.

Beautiful Top Ender in the Garden

One of Top Ender's friends at Sixth form was poorly and had the test just to check, but it came back positive and then because Top Ender spends time with her during lunch and before and after school and during a lesson, Top Ender was asked to stay at home for two weeks to give herself time away from her community in case she developed symptoms and started spreading and shedding the virus everywhere.

So, Top Ender was confined to her bedroom with meals and jugs of water and fruit juice being delivered to her door. We asked her to wipe anything she touches outside of her bedroom down with wipes when she does come out to use the bathroom, or if when we aren't home she needs something to eat or drink. Just little precautions to try to prevent passing the virus on to the rest of the family in case she has had it passed to her.

Top Ender had emailed all her teachers to get work and to let them know that she wasn't in and well, she's taking it fairly well but is, of course, a little gutted that she is missing the opportunity to be with her new friends at school and missing the lessons that they are having. She is also really proud of herself though, for following the rules and being able to do her small part to protect her community and for such a short time in the grand scheme of things.

Saturday evening, we realised we had our first real issue.

Saturday night in our home has become a night where we spend time together, where we eat together, cook together, giggle together and well, with Top Ender having to sit in her bedroom that wasn't going to be possible... until we realised we could have a zoom call between my laptop and her PC and still eat and chat and cook together!

I'm sure the next two weeks will fly by, that Top Ender will be so busy doing her school work and extra work that she sets herself whilst she is at home that she won't have time to think about time dragging and before we know it our family will be back together and all of us healthy and well and ready to continue to protect our community.