What We're Eating W/C 26th September 2020

I wrote this blog post nice and early, so I wouldn't have the last-minute rush of last week in getting the meal plan up and ready for the family to have a look and see what we are eating each evening.. actually saying that since I've started putting what we are having on the whiteboard each morning the children haven't been checking the blog half as much, which is probably a good thing as now I can talk about them!

So, here's what we're eating this week!

Beans on Toast - a British Staple!

Saturday - A Night Out!

This coming Tuesday is mine and Flyfour's 19th Wedding anniversary. As he will be working away, or may not be home until later, we've decided that we will go out tonight instead. We'll get something for the children (I have a feeling they'd like a Curry to split between them) and well, Flyfour and I might not be back until late!

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

I do love the Shepherd's Pie Flyfour makes, I think he needs to buy some more Hendo's sauce though, so note to self get that ordered on Amazon for delivery before today!

We've found a great gluten-free (and milk free) loaf by Warburton's that we all love (especially to mop up the gravy!) and so I guess we are all ready for our Zoom family meal.

Monday - Cheesy Bean Slice

We found some great Vegan Cheesy Bean slices in Asda (great as in I don't have to make them from scratch), so we're having them tonight!

Tuesday - Cheese and Crackers

Flyfour has me on the hunt for dairy-free cheese (I have a cheddar, brie and some goats cheese as it has a lower lactose content so Flyfour should be able to tolerate it) and we're going to eat Cheese and Crackers and possible a Caprese salad for our evening meal, whilst remembering that 19 years ago we were partying the night away!

The children will have Beefburgers and chips because they won't want the cheese and crackers!

Wednesday - Ponyo Noodles!

The children love Ponyo noodles, actually so do I! As Flyfour will not be home tonight, we'll have food that the children and I love and Flyfour can't eat! We'll have our usual noodles, boiled egg and the children will have some Ham, whilst I will have some Mackerel or Haddock or maybe even some sardines!

Thursday - Pesto Salmon Pasta

I'm such a fan of Pesto, I'm such a fan of Salmon and I'm such a fan of Pasta that combing all three is just a winner for me. The rest of the family won't be quite so happy, but guess what, I don't care because I'm cooking and this will be a celebration for my first full day in my new job!

Friday - Chicken and Vegetable Curry

I'm going to make a Curry with a lot of veggies that I have hiding in the freezer and will add some chicken at almost the last minute for the children and Flyfour (I'm just having the veggies). I'm going to serve with rice, naan bread and possibly some poppadoms with red onion chutney!

So there we go, that's what we are looking forward to this week!