Lying To Dan Jon And Myself

For our last Summer "Hurrah", the family and I went to the Harvester to have a meal out. We had a great time, we enjoyed our food and the company but decided to go to a local supermarket to get dessert because the meal out had already cost enough and there wasn't much for those who were dairy intolerant or coeliac. Top Ender and I headed to the doughnuts, which is what we'd been thinking about and Dan Jon and Flyfour headed off to the ice-cream which is what they'd been thinking of.

Everyone got something that they were happy with and we headed to the checkout and then home.

Once we were home, Dan Jon asked if I would help him serve up his ice-cream and that's where the trouble started.

PippaD and Dan Jon

You see, Dan Jon had picked up a Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Cookie Dough Moophoria tub expecting it to be dotted with the cookie dough as in the picture on the packaging (you can see it on the website if you click the link) but, well it wasn't. Dan Jon was devastated and much like his mother would have, he stormed off to his bedroom to be grumpy about it, leaving me to put the ice-cream back into the tub and the freezer.

I couldn't take it, so I hatched a plan.

The next morning, I rushed off to Asda, where I'd seen they sold Ben & Jerry's cookie dough bites and purchased a packet, despite them costing a small fortune. I made sure to smuggle them into the house so that Dan Jon wouldn't see them, (although I need not have worried as he was still in bed asleep when I returned!) and whilst I put the shopping away I let the tub of Ben & Jerry's melt a little so I could mix in the cookie dough bites. I put it into a bowl, mixed in the bites gave it all a great big final stir and put it back into the tub and back into the freezer, vowing to never tell Dan Jon what I had done.

At lunchtime, I told Dan Jon that a friend online had mentioned that sometimes, the cookie dough bits sink in the ice-cream, especially if it's been left out too long before being put in the supermarket freezer and that just in case I had left the ice-cream out and gave it a good mix and thought I'd seen more cookie dough bites.

Dan Jon was tempted and so had a small bowl with his sandwich AND DIDN'T LIKE THE ICECREAM.

That's right after all the effort and trickery Dan Jon decided that the ice-cream was too rich and chocolatey and so gave me the tub of ice-cream because Top Ender couldn't eat it due to the dairy and Flyfour couldn't eat it because of the wheat.


I'm still not telling Dan Jon the truth about it, but have remembered how much I love ice-cream and the lie I tell myself that I don't like ice-cream? Well, that is now exposed as a lie and I keep buying tubs of ice-cream for myself and worst EATING THEM!

Darn it.