Blogging to record memories

Daddy and I were talking the other day about our Princess Dancing and about how we both want Top Ender and Baby Boy to have memories of us being fun, to have memories of us doing things together as a family and for us to set a great example to them for when they have families of their own.
Both of us have treasured childhood memories that we have made sure we have our own version of with Top Ender and Baby Boy and of course new memories special to just us four. Everything we do we try to make fun. It might be eating Chinese with chop sticks (one of my memories), sneaking snacks into bed (one of Daddy's), going for walks in the countryside, family dinners, spending quality time with one parent or even surprise trips out for the day as a family.

Daddy was explaining that he was pleased that we do fun things like the Princess Dancing and going to the Hundred Acre Woods and that I record them and share them on the blog. He has mentioned several times how some people ask him what he did at the weekend because what we do is always exciting compared to what they did.

And so it I thought that maybe Daddy should start writing the odd post or two... and I suggested it to him and he agreed! So before this month is out there is going to be a post by Daddy. Please make him feel as welcome as you do me and just don't let his head get too big.

Oh and talking of Princess Dancing, it turns out that I won! Thank you to everyone who voted or mentioned me and so I won't feel guilty about showing you all and getting the "aaahhh" factor votes here is Princess Top Ender and Prince Baby Boy doing their version of Princess Dancing.

Aren't they sweet?!