Mothering Sunday

Its Mothering Sunday today. Here in the United Kingdom we have linked this religious celebration with the holiday that Anna Jarvis really got going in the United States (and as always we have borrowed the idea!).

Up and down the country Women are getting boxes of Chocolates, bottles of Wine, Plants, Flowers, Gift Vouchers, breakfast in bed, The Sunday Roast cooked for them (instead of by them) and possibly more than one of these things if the Television adverts are to be believed.

I am lucky that I will have my family around me for the day and they will give to me hand made cards and a drawing or three. I believe they have listened to me and haven't purchased gifts for me because even though the calender says today is Mothers Day, every day in this house is Mothers Day.

You see I got to celebrate the days that I got this;

No this isn't a clever way of telling you I am pregnant, this is an old test!

And everyday since!

So to whoever you are Mother, Auntie, Grandma, Step-Mother, Friend of the Family or the woman who lives next door, Happy Mothers Day.