Christmas Club - March

That's right the third month of the 2010 and Easter is just around the corner! Hopefully by now you have brought your Easter Eggs or organised Easter gifts (if that is something you do in your house) and remembered last month after the February post to organise some treats for the Easter Holidays or childcare if it is needed!

Last month I said that I was starting to save money more seriously for Christmas. Daddy and I are planning to save stamps in Tesco and Icelands (they do lots of wheat free ready meals which he likes) and I have started a card in Wilkinsons and one in Tesco's of my own! Every time I go into either store I just add a couple of quid to the relevant card and come Christmas I should be able to buy a few extras.

This month is about crafting for Christmas and I am looking to what I am making as gifts for Christmas. I want to make alphabet letter initial pillows for Baby Boy and Top Ender and for the Cousins (I will buy the pattern pack), and if I can manage them I was hoping that I could make some sock monkeys too! This will be an addition to the small gifts that my Sister and I will discuss nearer the time!

I figured that the pillows would take me three months in total (I have a couple of tricky initials to do!) and the sock Monkeys two months as I would be doing them all by hand. If I start in April, this will bring me up to September. I have some cross stitch pictures to do (four of them) and I will start those now when I have a spare half an hour or so but in September I will re-evaluate where I am with them and if they aren't on schedule then I will have a re-think. The other things that are being made (gifts that I can't talk about because I know that my family are reading) are going to be made between September and November.

So if you are planning on making gifts for Christmas this year, start thinking about it now so that come the week before Christmas you aren't rushing!

As always if you do write a Christmas letter don't forget to make a short note now so you don't forget what you did this March!