Daddy Guest Post: Why Daddy's Are Always (Never) Right

Hello, Daddy here! Mummy has foolishly generously let me take over for a moment, to bring you a pearl of wisdom about the way men's minds work..

Back in 1999 I saw a Rover 75 car for the first time. It had quaint oval dials, a walnut dashboard, white leather seats, and a distinct air of old-man about it. Mummy liked it. I didn't. I couldn't buy a car like this.

Fast-forward to 2007, and I am phoning Mummy to tell her about a decision I have made. She thinks I am asking permission to trade in my trusty, but old, Ford Fiesta for another car. At least, she did until I wrote this. She now knows that I have already done the deal, and I am hoping she doesn't say "no", else I have a heck of a lot of explaining to do.

"Nice, isn't it" is the remark, as she takes a seat in my new Rover 75. "I've always liked these, and always wanted one. Thank you for letting me buy my dream car".

The "Dream Car". Photographed just before we sold it!

Only, those words were not uttered by Mummy. They came from me. Because in the intervening 8 years, I seem to have forgotten that I didn't like this car, and even more disasterously forgotten that she DID!

Still, it couldn't happen again.

"There", I said, putting the final screw in the shelf and switching on the power. "See this, it's a wireless music player - it's connected to my server in the loft, and it can play back all our MP3's and connect to Internet radio too. Trust me, it'll revolutionalise the way we listen to music in this house".

"Oh yes, just like the one I told you I wanted after we saw it at the Smart Homes Show in Birmingham last year".


"Like my new Psion Wavefinder?" I said, pointing at the glowing blue alien-shaped device on the window-sill that was burbling Planet Rock. "It's a DAB digital radio, but it's connected to the PC so you can....". I stopped. She already knew what it was. As she pointed out, she told me about them.

Is it just me that this happens to, or is it in fact the case that men don't actually have any of their own ideas, they just store up the good ones that their wives come out with, only to promote them as their own later on, with a big fanfair and lots of kudos for themselves for coming up with such amazing plans!?

So, in order to counter this, I am now learning two new things - 1, to listen to Mummy's suggestions properly and 2, to come up with loads more suggestions of my own first just so I can claim everything for myself. I think it's working.

Me, last week: "I want to put a comfy armchair in that corner, with a footstool and lamp, so we can sit there and chill out"
Mummy: "Yeah, I cleared that corner for that exact reason 2 years ago, but then you put a bookcase in it".

Mummy and Me at a Restaurant that *I* suggested we go to...

PS. I think I had a (now closed) blog way before Mummy, so I am not always last...

PPS. Editor's Note (by Mummy): No, he didn't.