I won't beg (unless you really want me too!)

Today I should be posting my blog post about my trip to London last week and how I met lovely bloggers and how I ate Nestle Cereals... but I'm not because its not quite right with what I want to say and so here is a very very short story.

Once upon a time there was a lady who made a video. In fact it was this video

And the lady entered it in to a competition. In fact you can read all about it in An Instructional Video.

The most amazing thing happened, the lady (alright me) found out that she was in the Top Two and so she asked all her friends to vote for her at Cafe Bebe (vote for A Mothers Ramblings) so that she could win a Slanket so that she and Top Ender wouldn't have to share one anymore.

And all her friends voted for her and they felt loved, because the lady told them she loved them.

I love you.

The End.