Princess Mummy (and Daddy)

What did I learn in February? I learnt that I need to learn when to keep quiet. Actually no, I learnt that I need to learn when not to leave comments on blogs and then to follow my comments up in Twitter.

The Internet is forever don't you know?

You see it all started the other day when I was reading Living with Kids and there was a great post about the British Dance Council and Disney supporting each other with the creation of the Disney Princess Dance. It is all about encouraging our children to get active and as we all know we should lead by example!

I commented;

"I am so going to vblog this!"

And just over four hours later I was involved in another Twitter Dance Off (I won the last one I tell you, look its here if you don't believe me. I am the one in the nappy and its not true about the camera adding weight. I also look several years younger and more male...)

So here is my entry (with a little help from Daddy.....) into the Living with Kids Princess Dance Challenge... and if you want to see the competition I'm up against then take a look at Karin at Cafe Bebe and Manda at Flying Start who have also filmed themselves dancing to this.

Unless, of course, they were lying and its just me.