Uncle Giggles - That's reassuring!

Big Cousin had woken up after a nightmare which Auntie assumed had been about ladybirds as Cousin said there was one in her bed. Cousin was quite upset about it and so after a check in the bed and under the bed, and in Little Cousins bed and under Little Cousins bed, Auntie knew she was going to have to bring out the big guns and grabbed a bottle of talc.

Sprinkling it on the beds and the floor she told Cousin that ladybirds don't like talc and so they wouldn't come near her. Uncle Daddy joined them to just check everything was okay and to say good night again. It was as they left the room that Uncle Daddy said;

"Night night. Sleep tight. Don't let the ladybugs bite!"

Don't take Uncle Daddy to the woods, he is strangely at home.

Luckily a sleepy cousin didn't hear that last bit!