Top Ender Giggles - She's in a bad way

Baby Boy woke up with a grizzle. Being 5:30am and Sunday meant that Daddy got up to see him. I could hear a whispered conversation and then Daddy and Baby Boy appeared at the bedroom door. Baby Boy had a temperature and was still sleepy so he got in the bed with us for a bit of milk and hopefully some more sleep. It turned out that Daddy was also feeling ill, so I decided that I would give up my lay in (on Mothers Day too!) and take Baby Boy down stairs when he woke up.

When Top Ender came down I realised that I was feeling a bit ill, with a headache and a sore throat and so I wanted to check that Top Ender was okay.

"Top Ender, how do you feel?" I asked
"I'm fine" she answered without looking up from her magazine
"No sore throat, no running nose?" I pushed seeing as last night she was very snotty
" heart hurts. Just here" she said pointing to her left knee
"You'll live!" I answered