Top Ender Giggles - Top Enders Epiphany

Top Ender asked first thing this morning:

"Can we go to the park?"
"Not really Top Ender its been raining" I answered
"You never let me go to the park when its been raining!" huffed an angry Top Ender.

A bit later we were at Brent Cross shopping centre and decided before we went to the car, we would sneak into the local park to burn off some energy.


Top Ender and Baby Boy (and Daddy and I!) enjoyed our play and it was just as we were starting to get ready to go that Top Ender started to get a little over excited. Top Ender ran off to go on the four sided see-saw (teeter totter) and slipped on the wet ground.

A few moments of crying whilst we checked over the extremities brought forward the insight from Top Ender;

"I guess this is why you don't want me going to the park when its been raining then!"