Baby Boy and Daddy Giggles - Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it

After coming back from the Magical Menagerie on Wednesday night we were all in high spirits and were all having a giggle. I had turned around in my seat in order to see what Baby Boy was doing, and he was sat in car seat with his finger up his nose; And when I say finger, I mean his whole finger.


"What you doing Baby? Digging for Gold?" I asked
"Gold!" shouted Baby Boy, finger still firmly shoved in his nostril
"Take your finger out" I giggled at him

A second later and Baby Boy withdrew his finger with a flourish

"Look Mum a Bee*!" He gleefully exclaimed waving around a finger with nothing on it
"Eugh!" I answered "What you going to do with it?" I continued whilst starting to search for a tissue

Baby Boy looked at his finger and looked at me. His mouth started to open.

"Your not going to eat it are you Baby Boy?" Daddy asked
"Yup!" answered Baby Boy about to stick his finger in his mouth
"Noses are not for storing food!" exclaimed Daddy
"Noses not for food. NOSES NOT FOR FOOD DADDAD!" screeched Baby Boy

Top Ender and I at this point had collapsed into giggles, but it is a very worthwhile point. Noses are not for storing food.

*Bee's are what inhabit Baby Boys nose and ears not bogeys or earwax.