Baby Boy Giggles - Ice-cream is his God

Baby Boy and Top Ender both had an ice-cream at the air show we went to on Fathers Day. Baby Boy being the usual glutton that he is had eaten almost all of his before Top Ender had even scoffed a quarter of hers.

With a stub of cone left Baby Boy looked to Top Enders almost full ice-cream
"Mamma? Swap?" Baby Boy asked gesturing at Top Ender
"No honey, no swap" I answered
"OH!" answered Baby Boy

He finished his ice-cream without talking to me and stood next to Daddy, who was clearly now his favourite parent.

"Dadad? Walk?" asked Baby Boy
"Sure Baby Boy, lets all go for a walk" answered Daddy

We all walked down the field a little with Daddy and Baby Boy leading the way. A few moments later Daddy turned to Baby Boy and said;

"Baby Boy? Where are we going?"
"More Ice-cream Dadad!" answered Baby Boy as if it was obvious.