Things I have learnt from Sleeping in a Tent

Last Saturday Top Ender was being very sweet and said that as part of Mummy Daughter Date night, she would love to camp in the back garden with me. I don't think that she knew that I would be able to resist the way she asked (with innocence and love) and so secretly arranged with Daddy that we would camp in the back garden.
I know that you are probably all bored to death of me and my Flip, but I did take a few minutes of footage on it because I like things that make nice noises and that I get given without knowing about. So this was how we let Top Ender know what was going on.

But I know that you are wanting to know more about these useful things I have learnt from Sleeping in a Tent and so here they are. I hope that one day you find them useful. 

  • Buy a Pop Up Tent. They make things easy.

  • Don't pitch a tent on a hill. Children roll in their sleep

  • Neighbours will have parties that are really loud when you want to go to sleep

  • When Chickens lay eggs they cluck really loudly

  • Neighbours who are in their garden chatting at 3am don't realise that other people might be listening in

  • Children don't understand about personal space boundaries

  • Children will wake you up if they think they have to tell you something

  • It gets bright really early in the Summer

  • Tents are not designed for tall people

  • Dogs bark really loudly at Cats

  • Cats meow really loudly at Dogs

  • The Dawn Chorus is loud. And at Dawn.
 But the best thing I learnt was you should always have something handy with which to film something.