The Gallery - Nature

I did think about re-posting The Three Trees in my Garden photos I took the other week from my back garden, or even the photos from the blog post about the First Strawberries of the Season. If I was being really smart then I could of put the photos from my post about The Magical Menagerie but I decided to do something else.

This is a local fishing lake. I held my camera through the wire fence in order to get the shot. Baby Boy and I were entranced by this view, it was amazing. We both could see the still lake, feel the slight breeze and it was so calm and peaceful.

It was so quiet.

Baby Boy and I watched this lake for a few minutes, watching the fish occasionally come to the surface to sun themselves or catch a bug before diving back down into the depths of the lake. Even now nearly a month later Baby Boy still asks if we can go and see the lake again.

Nature at its finest.