Holiday Hell Meme

Emily at Baby Rambles has tagged me in a Holiday Hell Meme and I am pleased to say that I have only once had an event on holiday that would class as being hellish and I talked about that in my blog post "Its a Small World after all, especially if you go by Train..." and other than that one trip home I can't think of a single holiday in which I have had something happen that I could pass off as something hellish!

I know I haven't lived.

So here is a retelling of that journey that was from Hell!

For Top Enders Second Birthday we went to Disney Land Paris. All three of us were so excited and we traveled by car to Ashford (Kent!) in daylight (helps stop people being car sick don't ya know) and stayed in a hotel before driving the short distance to the Euro tunnel the next morning. Top Ender was delighted to be on a train and spent most of the two hour journey awake.

So on the last day we knew to be careful with what we ate because we didn't want to be sick on the train on the way home. All day we were great, we made sure not to eat sweets and not to drink too much and we were ready as the train pulled in to get on and to be on our way home.

And Everything was fine.


Top Ender was having a bottle of milk. She still liked to have a bottle when she went to bed and we were trying to keep the routine as much the same as possible. Top Ender cuddled up to me and had some milk whilst Daddy and I carried on talking about things that have since been forgotten (by me at least).

There were other children in the carriage, but Top Ender was the youngest. This fact isn't important until later, so remember it.

A few minutes passed between Top Ender drinking her milk and what was the most disgusting shower I have ever had. Top Ender turned to me and threw up all over me. I was covered in what ever food her stomach had partly digested and regurgitated milk.

The sound in the carriage was so quiet it was deafening. We cleaned up Top Ender, and me and the seat, and the table and a bit of the window (as a couple of parents looked on fondly remembering when they too had to deal with chunder covered everything and commented after I apologised that it was okay, they remembered the times they had dealt with similar situations) and as our bags were with us we were able to partly change clothes so we didn't smell of sick and look like a pot of cottage cheese.

Remember I mentioned that Top Ender was the youngest in the carriage? This is where is gets important.

For the rest of the journey we sat in some spare seats in the carriage where the older children couldn't see us. It was as the smell permeated the small space that they all started to complain to their parents about it and about Top Ender having caused them this issue.

"Next time we will go by Plane" said Daddy.

Which we did.

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