Cupcakes and a bake off!

Daddy, Top Ender and Baby Boy stole my idea last weekend and made a batch of cupcakes. I was planning on making some myself as I wanted to enter English Mum's Bake Off, but I was busy hiding in the living room playing Farmville or something and so they did this all without me.

Baby Boy found it odd that Daddy's whisk was bigger than his. I found it odd that they didn't use Ken (my Kenwood food mixer) but opted for the hand method.

Top Ender helped measure out all the ingredients whilst sporting a country casual look.

Both Top Ender and Baby Boy had a good mix.

Top Ender was even allowed to make sure that all the lumpy bits were out of the mixture

Baby Boy was too worried that his juice was going to be stolen and added into the mix and so kept a firm grip on it.

Baby Boy also decided that baking was easy and could be done with his eyes closed.

Top Ender preferred to keep hers wide open.

The cakes were allowed to cool, but Daddy had to distract Baby Boy as he just wanted to eat them fresh from the oven.

Top Ender opted for a sneaky sprinkle fix.

Finally it was time to decorate and this was Top Enders idea of heaven!

Whilst Baby Boy had a little bit of help from Daddy this design was all his and eaten before Daddy even had the camera pointing at him.

And the verdict from Top Ender on the wheat free cupcakes?

I believe that's a thumbs up!