The Gallery - Playtime

The Gallery theme this week was on playtime. I really didn't know what to use, I knew that there were lots of photos that I have of Top Ender and Baby Boy playing and even of Daddy, but I couldn't think of the words to go with them. It was all rather one lined "Top Ender and Baby Boy play so well together" or something.

So I looked through my photos and nothing inspired me.

I would of taken a new one, but you know as I have mentioned at least 1000 times on Twitter I'm not very well and its too much effort to get the camera out.

So I looked through my photos again. And then I saw it. Please pretend that I am looking more attractive

I remember this day really well, it was a couple of months before Baby Boy was born. Top Ender had been on her best behaviour so we had gone to the park as a treat in the afternoon. Only thing was once we were there she wanted us to join in. I went on the swing, the See-Saw and we laughed and laughed.

That's what playtime is to me.