What Pippa did next...

Oh Hi! Welcome back, come on in and sit yourself down. I know I have been a bad blogger and haven't posted for a couple of days and if I had my way I wouldn't be posting right now but I ended up editing a blog post for Daddy for tomorrow (come back then, its funny) and thought I should probably say Hi to you all whilst I was here!

I have been really busy this past week. No really I have been.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Daddy and I started to clear out our loft. A lot was easy to decide if it should be thrown away or given away and we cleared it very quickly. It was the bags (and bags and bags) of clothes that was hardest for me. I cried, not because I wanted to keep the clothes (although I did keep some things) but because my babies aren't babies anymore. It was mentally exhausting as well as physically tiring.

Then on Wednesday I went to Leeds to visit with Asda. Wow. I want to work at Asda House, it was huge and had a really cool machine thingy that you had to answer questions (like your name and who you were there to see, and what company you were from) and then it took your picture! The machine would of been coming home with me if I didn't have to worry about taking it on the train. Whilst I was there I got to spend time with Amy from And one more means Four......and 1 more, and Him Up North from The Blog Up North, and Jay from  mocha beanie mummy and Maria from Mummy's Busy World as well as the Asda team!

Lets just say for now that I don't think Asda will be inviting me back anytime soon after sausagegate... I will however spill the beans this week!

Then on Thursday I went to Legoland to have breakfast with Nutella and then spent the day at Legoland in the park. It was crowded, it was hot, it was fantastic and Baby Boy walked the whole day without going in the buggy as we left it in the car on purpose. I have a lot to say about Legoland and Nutella, and I will do at some point this week.

Friday I was exhausted. I spent most of the day on the floor in the living room with Top Ender and Baby Boy sitting on me, building things with Duplo and Lego and occasionally DVD boxes. We have a rather large number of DVD boxes.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn again and on my way to Bucklebury Farm Park to meet with the other Toys R Us Toylogists. It was only when one of the team said that they had boxes to give us that I noticed them in the corner of the marquee! I have lots more to say about this too, but it will be at some point this week... honest!

And then today. Today was Sunday. We prayed, we played and I read. And now I am off to bed, so that tomorrow I can clean up before Hayley comes round on Wednesday...