Top Ender Giggles - French Breakfast

Whilst we were eating dinner on Sunday Top Ender asked if she could get dressed before she had dinner the next day. We all giggled because she had meant breakfast, I told her that it was up to her when she got dressed (within reason) and the conversation moved on.

It got me thinking though as the French say Petit Déjeuner and that means small lunch right? So I said;

"Tomorrow we will have a French Breakfast!"

I was thinking bowls of Hot Chocolate to dip croissants in, maybe a pain au chocolat for Top Ender and Baby Boy or a Tartine and if I am feeling really generous some yogurt and fruit or ham and cheese.

"Oh but I wanted a pain au chocolat!" whinged Top Ender
"Top Ender, where do pain au chocolat's come from?" asked Daddy
"I don't know!" she answered
"Think what language it is" I said
"Erm London?" she asked