Top Ender's Friday Lunches

At the start of the school term Top Ender and I agreed that every Friday and on special days I would prepare a special lunch for her to take to school. I looked at it as a chance for me to show Top Ender how much I loved her, that I was thinking of her when we weren't together at home, a chance for me to be creative and also if it was only once a week then it wasn't going to cause too much issue and Daddy and I could just slap dash her lunch together on every other day of the week! The problem came when term started and the first day back to school (which was a special day) was a Wednesday. So a special lunch was created for Top Ender to take in on her first day. It was a fish because Top Ender had been working on a Sea Creature Summer project which was the theme for the first few weeks back at School too.
Fish Shaped Sandwich

Face SandwichOf course that first Thursday at School was a special day, seeing as it was the first Thursday at School and so I had to prepare a special lunch on that day too

Sandwiches that look like Sushi
and then the next day was a Friday and so that was the agreed day for a special lunch and so I made special lunches for both those days.

Then came along Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday again.

Candace SandwichSandwich and Strawberries

Pasta, Hot Dog and StrawberriesLittle Bit of Everything

Rainbow List

You see what I did don't you? I've gone and made a rod for my own back by making a special lunch every day. In fact it's only seeing these pictures one after the other that I have realised just why when I post a picture on my Facebook and Twitter accounts that I get comments about how I am making other parents feel inadequate or how they have lunch box envy. I'm not going to stop though, I have far too many ideas for future lunches!