What Goes In Your Lunch box?

I don't think that I am Super Mum, although according to a couple of playground Mums I am one of those Mothers. I mean, yes I do try to make everything fun and interesting and exciting and that does stretch to food, but I am by no means a culinary genius. When it comes to Top Ender's Lunch box the items that go in are pretty much standard, and yes I do cut the sandwiches up using my cookie cutters or I might theme the lunch around a project she is doing at school but the actual food is a bit boring really.

So when I was invited to be part of the Ultimate Packed Lunch round table with Disney and the lovely Annabel Karmel I knew that I had to go so that I could get some ideas. Ideas that would inspire me to fill the lunch boxes with food that my children would love to try. The round table was fab, we got to share stories, ideas and find out about how Disney take seriously the branding of food products with their name and I'm not quite sure what I shared just before the photographer snapped this snap, but I think it was funny as everyone seems to be laughing.
Pippa making everyone laugh at the Ultimate Packed Lunch Roundtable

We then had a quick interview outside about what we had learnt and shared and I have to put my video up as I think that I looked good that day, do you like my lipstick?

(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/o6vfhLxTSE0)

After we had all filmed our videos we made some wraps and cakes with Annabel to take home in Disney lunch boxes we were given for our children. Top Ender and Big Boy had come to London with me but were at the Athenaeum Hotel in the Winnie The Pooh Room and so after I picked them up from the hotel. and we were on the train we tasted what I had made. Top Ender and Big Boy were most impressed with the Carrot, Apple and Sultana Muffins which are from Annabels latest book Top 100 Means in Minutes, (which we were given a copy of).

The whole day helped me come up with an idea though, which some of you who follow me on Pinterest (or hear me on Three Counties Radio on a Saturday) might already know about. Every Friday or on special days (birthdays, holidays, sports days etc) I am going to make a special packed lunch for Top Ender. There are some ideas on Top Ender's Friday Lunch Pinterest pinboard already and Top Ender has looked over the pins and agreed that lunch this year is going to be interesting!