A Special Sunday Breakfast

Whilst I was at Britmums Live, my family learnt that when the doorbell goes at 6pm on a Friday night and there is a Tesco Delivery of food that you didn't order you should think it must be blogging related before turning the driver away. Luckily before the driver left, Daddy half remembered a conversation he'd had with me a few days before and realised that this unexpected delivery of food was for our special Sunday breakfast, thanks to McCain's who were rather pleased about their Hash Browns.

Sunday morning found Big Boy happy that I was home with the family, so happy that he insisted I got up with him at a time too early for the morning after a blogging conference. As I came out of my bedroom, I was pretty sure I saw Daddy smile and snuggle down into the duvet as if he'd set Big Boy up to this, so I thought that we should cook breakfast for everyone else in the house, as a sneaky hint that we wanted them to get up too.

And so we did.

We fried eggs and mushrooms, toasted bread, grilled sausages and tomatoes, oven baked the hash browns, griddled pieces of bacon, microwaved baked beans and sliced fruit. Everyone got what they wanted and the Hash Browns went down a treat, both Big Boy and Top Ender thought they were better than the ones I make (I'm terrible at making them admittedly) and have asked if they can have them with dinner and not just breakfast, which is a great plan. As we savoured our breakfasts we couldn't help but think that surely a proper cooked breakfast is one of the best things about a Sunday?

McCain's Cooked Breakfast

Then this week, I realised that as McCain's Hash Browns are 190calories per serving that I could have a sneaky cooked breakfast during the week and make it every bit as indulgent as the once in a while Sunday cooked breakfast. So here is my sneaky cooked breakfast featuring the McCain's Hash Browns.

Pippa's Sneaky Cooked Breakfast

2 McCain's Hash Browns
1 fillet Smoked Haddock
75ml Cheese Sauce (approx you could make up to 150ml if you wanted!)
1 Egg
A sprinkling of Chives
1 rasher Bacon

Serves 1 hungry Mum after she's done the School Run.

Bake the hash browns in the oven, whilst cooking the Haddock. I normally like to poach my haddock, but as I was using frozen fillets, I baked them all in the oven.

Poach an egg whilst you make up your cheese sauce and cook your bacon. I like to griddle my bacon, but you can grill it or fry it or microwave it or prepare it however you like it best.

When everything is cooked, place your hash browns on the plate, before drizzling over the cheese sauce, placing the haddock on top of that, followed by the poached egg with a drizzle more of Cheese Sauce and then balance the bacon on top along with the Chives.

Pippa's Sneaky Cooked Breakfast of Hash Browns, Cheese Sauce, Smoked Haddock, Poached Egg, Bacon and Chives

Season and serve (with a quick instagram photo if you're that way inclined).

We received some McCain's Hash Browns and other food so we could review the new recipe.

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