Cats The Musical - Review

Top Ender and I went to the theatre last week to see Cats, it's been a long time favourite of mine, despite never having seen the Show live before... although I have seen the DVD a few hundred thousand times.

Cats Poster

Tops was amazed by the set, the rubbish from the alley spilling over the edge of the stage and down the steps and as the lights were dimmed we were suddenly aware of green eyes staring at us from the set and over our shoulder as a "Cat" peered at us from behind our seat! There were a few screams followed by laughter as other audience members were spooked by the cats jumping around the auditorium and I was so glad that I had warned Tops this would happen.

Throughout the show we loved watching the way the Cats on stage preened, and acted just like our cats at home. We were able to spot the different characteristics of our own pets, and even those of some humans we know. As with every Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, the tunes are undeniably catchy and Tops was singing a lot of them on the way home.

The show is great for audiences of all ages, and there were several children younger than Tops around us who were just as enthralled as the more regular aged theatre goer. The show is in Milton Keynes until the 6th July, so if you can make it in that time and love Musical Theatre go and see it!

We were given press tickets to attend the performance.

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