I'm Going To Britmums With Coca-Cola

There isn't anything like doing something at the last minute is there?

Tomorrow morning, I'm jumping on a train and heading into London and joining all the lovely people at Britmums 2013. Between going to sessions that have caught my eye, I'll be catching up with friends, making new ones and hopefully bumping into lots of people who'll say something along the lines of;

"Aren't you PippaD from A Mother's Ramblings? I love all your blogs!"

I always like being asked that, ever since I was "spotted" in a lift at a conference a few years back. Made my weekend that did.

Anyway, this post is the last minute bit of it all, because I've known I've been going to Britmums for AGES and it's all thanks to Coca-Cola who have sponsored me. Rather kind of them really, but then again they do know of my HUGE love of Dr Pepper...

PippaD Loves Dr Pepper

So, today I'm posting this post to let you all know that I'll be there. I'm packing my bag with my electronics and clothes and even some make up and a lot of healthy snacks and a tiny amount of Dr Pepper (hahaha, "tiny" yeah right). I've charged my camera batteries, I've cleared my memory cards and I've even hunted out the last 100 or so of my Business Cards.

I'm sure the normal tradition of posts like this, is that I mention what I'll be wearing or how I'm worried that my hair hasn't been cut or dyed or something like that but that is so not me. Plus I haven't packed my bag yet so I can't tell you what I'll be wearing!

So, you'll have to excuse me and I'll maybe see you over the weekend.

Technically this post isn't sponsored, but is about me going to an event and being sponsored to go to that event, because my ticket, travel and hotel have been paid for.

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