What's for dinner (W/C 08/06)

I've found that giving Big Boy his dinner earlier with Top Ender has been brilliant for his blood sugar levels come bedtime. Just in case I haven't made it clear in the past, or you haven't ever read the blog before, with Big Boy being a Type 1 Diabetic, we need to make sure that his blood sugars are kept at an even level (around 5 to 7) because if they are too high it can lead to a coma and death and if they are too low it can lead to a coma and death.

This isn't me over dramatising BB's condition, this is the reality that we live with everyday.

There are of course other complications that can arise from Big Boy having high blood sugars for a sustained period of time, but I'm not worrying about that just now. Right now I'm all about trying to maintain his sugar levels.

Anyway. This is meaning that the Children and Daddy and I are pretty much eating separately from each other and so makes it kind of perfect to start on the 5:2 diet which Daddy is convinced is the answer to dieting prayers... I figure that seeing as I fast on a semi regular basis already that this is going to be easy, remind me of that when I'm crying and rocking in the corner will you?

Saturday - BBQ Pork Burgers

After we had the BBQ Chicken a few weeks back, and something similar at our Picnic, I knew we had to have BBQ Pork Burgers for dinner, so I thought this Saturday would be great as we could marinate them whilst we were at our Towns Carnival and then throw them on the BBQ as the weather was remaining fine.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Our usual roast includes, a portion of Chicken (skin removed for me), two portions of vegetables, some roast potatoes, a little stuffing, sometimes some yorkshire puddings and gravy. Daddy cooks it brilliantly and to be totally honest, it's lush to come home to it after Church!

Monday - Fast Day

Tops and Big Boy are going to have Fishfingers and peas with home made oven chips.

Daddy and I are having Garlic Roasted Salmon with steamed vegetables as we're also trying to be low carb, which I can tell you know is going to be hard for me as I love my carbs. Daddy is going to have two cup a soups during the day for calories and I'm having a pudding of fruit and yogurt as the dinner is only 300 calories.

Tuesday - Aubergine Lasagne

I'm cheating. I'm making two lasagnes, one for me and one for the Children and Daddy. The Childrens will have lasagne sheets and mine will have Aubergine strips.

Wednesday - Vegetable Curry

I'm going to make a veggie curry in the slow cooker, I'll serve the Children's with extra cream to make it less spicy and with Naan Bread to mop up with and I think that Daddy might have rice with his.

Thursday - Thai Fish Cakes

We really loved the fish cakes I made for the picnic, I'm making the children some which are less spicy (no chilli!) and I'll serve it with either rice, salad or chips depending on who it is I'm serving!

Friday - Fast Day

Tops and Big Boy are going to have home made turkey nuggets with mixed vegetables.

Daddy and I are going to have Turkey Stirfry with Vegetables.

So that's what we have for dinner this week. Are you coming round or having anything similar?

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