Evening Meals (W/C 22/06)

It's been an odd week, with one thing and another and one which has very much seemed to have speeded by. So with that in mind I haven't spent much time working out what we're eating this week. Maybe that will mean that next week will seem slower...

Saturday - Daddy Decides

I won't be back from Britmums Live until the Children's bedtime (although I know they will stay up late seeing as it is a Saturday), so I'm leaving Daddy in charge. Luckily he is not only a brilliant cook, but he plans meals everyone loves so I know everyone will be happy.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Yup. Same meal yet again, but that's because it's a Sunday and a Sunday isn't a Sunday unless you have a roast in our house.

Monday - Fast - Beef Steak

We're having Steak with Salad as our fast meal today. I always feel better having a Salad with our meal as it takes a lot of Salad to make up the calories and so I always feel full. It'll be nice to have it Steak with for a change.

The Children will have the Steak along with a little salad and knowing them some leftover Roast Potatoes.

Tuesday - Baked Italian Pork and New Potatoes with Peas

I don't know why I'm calling it Italian Pork, as this is going to be a tomato based dish that I'm "making up" on Tuesday. I guess I've decided that it's going to have some Italian Influences!

Wednesday - Fish Risotto

I really fancy a nice risotto, it's my Mum's fault as she had one the other day, and I thought that having a fish risotto would be good as it's good for our hearts!

Thursday - Pizza

This is actually a lie, the Children and Daddy will have Pizza and I'll have Salad with a bit of Cheese on the side. I'm hoping that Daddy will have salad with his Pizza too and I'll give the Children a pudding of fruit to make up for the lack of vegetables.

Friday - Fast - Salmon and Broccoli and Cauliflower

When I cooked the Salmon last week, I made pan fried it with the skin side down (just flipping it over for a few seconds to firm up the flesh) and it was delightful, so I'm hoping to do that again today. Instead of serving it with a Salad like I did though, I'm going to serve it with broccoli and cauliflower.

So that's this week's meals, and I'm hoping that they are as tasty as they were when I wrote them down!

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