It's All About Community

Okay, so I'm going to tell you a little secret. I hate Blogger Conferences.

I'm not sure if it is because I'm really a shy person (no, really I am), or because I don't like people (that's not going to be true is it), or because I'm lazy (that could be the one), or for some other reason that I just can't put my finger on.

And yet I go.

I go because I want to meet the people who live inside my computer, I want to talk to people that represent the brands that I love, I want to meet new people, I want to get new ideas, I want to be inspired and I rather like the idea of one day actually knowing what this Blogging lark is all about.

It was at BritMums Live this year that I realised something quite important;

It's all about Community.

I'm Huge on Twitter

I don't know why this has never hit me this way before, but I really felt it at The Brewery. Here were Men and Women (most of whom I have never met before) pleased to see me, pleased to sit next to me, pleased to be going to the same sessions as me. They too, are probably shy and don't like people and are lazy but they, like me, put this to one side to learn, be inspired, inspire others and of course meet people.

I don't dare list the names of all the people that I met over the weekend, the people I reconnected with, the people I hugged, kissed and were challenged to watch films by because I am bound to forget someone and they'll get all offended and I'll no longer be the nice girl of blogging who gets along with everyone... instead insert your name in the following sentence.

I love talking with <INSERT NAME HERE>, they were as funny in real life as they are online, they looked fab and I'm truly glad that I can count them as one of my friends.

A few people saw what I was doing during downtime between sessions and to 1am Saturday Morning with my website redesign, and their input has been fabulous, so much so that even though I have my head in the back end of my blog at the moment I can promise you that I have very much got my blogging mojo back and it appears that I understand myself again.

I am so very grateful to Coke for sponsoring me this year, they were a great host and arranged not only a great breakfast meeting for all those they sponsored, but were so wonderful with making name labels for bottles for everyone that went to the conference. I learnt a fair bit about the company and will of course be sharing that over the next few weeks both here and on Pippa World.

With that said, if anyone wants to sponsor me for next year give me a call!

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