Back To School Lunches (W/C 01/06)

This week we are back to School (well the Children are, I'm going to still be at home) and so we have some lunches to celebrate this!

Saturday - Fish Finger Sandwiches

We are all big Fish Finger fans and sandwiches, when filled with fish fingers are the best. Especially if there is a lot of butter and ketchup and salad involved.

Sunday - Ham Rolls

I'm fasting today (it's Fast Sunday, as it is the first Sunday of the month) so Daddy will be making lunch for the children and himself and I'm hoping that he'll be making ham Rolls, because they don't smell strongly and won't make my hungry!

Monday - Cheese Sandwich

Top Ender is off to a Music Day today and so I'm doing her a special music themed lunch. Big Boy and I will be at home, so we'll be having a treat together that isn't the Cheese sandwich!

Tuesday - Chicken Wrap

Today is the first day back at School and having a Chicken wrap isn't really to celebrate, but is just to use up the Chicken from Sunday.

Wednesday - Tuna Sushi

The sushi sandwiches that I make are always well loved by Tops and BB as they eat them quickly because they are bite sized and look great. I love making them with Tuna because it's an extra portion of fish during the week and it also means that my salad will taste great today!

Sandwich Sushi

Thursday - Picnic Lunch

With it being a bit wet and miserable last week, we didn't get to have our lunch outside other than on the Bank Holiday Monday, so to make up for it they can have a picnic at School today.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too Logo

Today is the anniversary of Gauguin's birth, but I'm not creating a masterpiece for the children to eat, nor am I creating something to celebrate Bear Grylls birthday... no today I'm celebrating something much more fun.

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